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Artist. Vegan. (Gender) Queer. Electronic musician. Anti-theist. Blogger.
Morbidity enthusiast. Fashion geek. Weirdo. Je pense, donc je suis.
"NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK" dupuis 2003. Wichita, Kansas.

THNX BOO!!! I really appreciate it. If only my family felt the same way.

I totally understand what you mean. Our society is so fucking jaded and history keeps repeating itself. Just when people devalue art in a more outright way, they immediately realize how much a variety among artists is needed on a national and international level in order to keep people from offing themselves, yet they do so little about it in such a brief period of time. It’s an amazing time we live in that we’re able to create during it. At this point I have so little to lose tbh, lol!


This is weird. I remember a few years back asking my followers who I should send demos to, and a lot of you said Sub Pop. Now, I love them, but I don’t see myself on their roster for some reason, but then again I don’t see myself anywhere as far as a “line-up” is concerned… I’ve been sending demos to labels since I was like 15, my music has only gotten more loud, aggressive and jarring since then. It’s a long-shot and I had to really really think about it but I sent sub pop a demo anyway… I doubt I should have being that if small* labels say no what makes me think a major* label will say yes? I never thought I would need* to get signed, but this time it’s becoming more real to me than ever that I can’t do anything else except create for a living. It took me months upon months to find a job that pays minimum wage, working until late hours of the night, barely any time to spend with my ill and recovering mother, incessantly subjects my body to the double-barrel scrutiny of broader society (which I know most of you have to deal with as well), and gives me a weekly check that most of you reading this right now would wipe your ass with while laughing out hundreds…

my voice, my scope, my reality and my image are underrepresented in society and I want to fucking change that. Like, right fucking now. I’m sick of seeing all these cis, pale, artificially constructed humans clutter the entertainment industry and watch people submit to them simply because their outfit is more expensive than theirs. Every kid wants to see someone like them on tv, or hear them on the radio, or at least (if anything) have a fucking rant interview on BBC *ahem*… It’s 2014 and I can literally count on my hand how many people have truly inspired me that I’m actually similar to in more than two ways. I know I’m not* the minority here. The people idolizing many of the puppets I speak of wouldn’t look up to said people if there was more diversity among the gamut of entertainers getting the most press. I’m not talking about just* physical traits or societally structured bullshit (like race, gender, creed, class, etc), I mean, the multitude of us are reflections of the fact that we’re told constantly that we don’t really* matter. Without that, I have to admit, I would have very little creative output, but that certainly doesn’t mean I want it to always be that way nor do I need it. Said reminders of the subordinate of my existence is the modern picture of today, it doesn’t just effect me: an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. Together the ants can overcome the elephant…!!!

Back to my point. I begrudgingly (due to my own fear) have been sending demos to larger labels as of late, Sub Pop being one of them. I clearly have the skill, the drive, the passion. Imagine if I had the DOLLARS and the RESOURCES…


when you genuinely like and care for someone but can’t express it without being weird


me 4evr

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