Bonjour, my name is dreamcrusher, drencrome is my blog.
There are many like it but this one is mine.
Buy my music so that people like me don't feel invisible anymore.
Artist. Vegan. (Gender) Queer. Electronic musician. Anti-theist. Blogger.
Morbidity enthusiast. Fashion geek. Weirdo. Je pense, donc je suis.
"NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK" dupuis 2003. Wichita, Kansas.

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  1. whatthehellisthat a répondu : make it
  2. colorsoundoblivion a dit : No idea, but I’m sure you can get one made somewhere.
  3. latheofheaven a répondu : you could just make it with a printer and iron on transfer…diy is real.
  4. 7266 a répondu : i’m pretty sure i saw somewhere that she made it herself
  5. 0xmichelle a répondu : apparently she made it herself
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